Rekha has finished her schooling and joined in a college of her favourite, which was quiet far away from her place.  As getting a seat  in that college was a tuff one and her parents agreed, she decided to join the college there.  She was a very bright school student and secured high marks. She also excelled in other activities especially sports and she was very famous in her school

   . Her school celebrated their Annual day during 1st quarter of the next academic year.  As Rekha had scored highest marks in 3 subjects in school final, she was selected as the best student of that year.  She was invited to receive the prizes.  As her college opened only during end of first quarter of the academic year, her parents did not insist her to come to collect the prizes. Her father collected  number of prizes on her behalf.  Everyone while praising her parents, expressed their dissatisfaction of her not coming to receive the prizes. Though it seemed to be a casual comment it affected her parents very much.  Her mother felt very much as she was the one who convinced her father when he expressed his views of making Rekha come in person to receive the prizes.

     She expressed her guilty feelings only to her husband but made sure that her relatives or friends didn’t do that mistake. Days passed by.  Rekha finished her course came out with flying colours and got settled.  She got married and blessed with good children.  They grew up and started getting prizes.  Rekha’s mother was so keen in observing that Rekha attending all the events when her children got prizes.  Once as Rekha was not feeling well she could not attend an event.  Rekha’s mother felt sad more than Rekha for that.  When Rekha asked her mother the reason for her so much concern for that, her mother was forced to tell her about her past guilty feeling .  Rekha smiled and replied that everything happened with a reason.  Her mother was confused.  Rekha explained her that if she had come to her place to receive the prizes that day, she would not have gone back as she was missing very much her parents and place for some time till she got settled.  Her mother felt  very happy and her guilty feeling flew away.


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