We are free to argue where we can gain knowledge and given freedom to express our feelings.  But we should always argue with efficient and equivalent one . otherwise it would go waste. Here is a story for that.

 Once a tiger and an ass was arguing. Ass told that the colour of grass is blue and the tiger green .  They both were arguing for long time.  Then Ass decided to consult the king regarding this and tiger happily agreed.  They both went and narrated the argument to the king lion.  When finally ass asked which was correct, the lion told that the answer of ass was only correct.  Ass felt very happy and asked to punish the tiger who was wrong.  The lion immediately ordered  the tiger to go out of the forest for one year.  Hearing this ass felt very happy and left that place dancing.  Tiger which was sad came near to lion. and asked the reason for its action. 
The lion said though the answer of the tiger is right, the punishment was given to the tiger only for arguing with wrong person which has low calibre.  The tiger accepted its mistake and assured that it would not do that again.

Moral: We should keep quiet sometimes that too with persons of low calibre.


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