An artist had a different wish.  He wanted to draw baby jesus.  So searched for a boy and once he got a sweet boy.  So he drew nicely which was praised by lot of people and he earned both money and fame. 

Days passed by.  He wanted to draw a sketch of Yudhas who was the man behind Jesus hanging/death.  So he  searched for a person who was having cruel face. One day he got a man more than he expected.  He made him as a model and drew Yudhas which again came very well and praised by all.  He got more money.

  This time he wanted to share some of the income with that model. While handing over the money he asked him how and why he was keeping his face that cruel.  He replied that he was the boy posed for baby jesus.  When he was asked  how he turned down like that, he replied that his parents were quarrelling always and their behaviour and talking were worst and that had only brought him to this situation.

Parents should be role model to their kids.


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