Mr. Raghu started a small provision shop.  As he worked hard he started hotels, Textiles, departmental stores etc. and grew fast.  He felt very happy as he was success in all works.

     One day he was returning home at midnight 12’o clock.  When he rang the bell his wife did not come out to open as she was doing daily.  Servant came and opened the door and told him as his wife was not feeling well, she was sleeping after coming from the doctor’s clinic.  When Raghu asked what had happened, the servant replied that it was due to high pressure which would be normal after taking rest.  He got angry and asked the reason for not informing him.  The servant replied that he had tried but his phone was on switch off mode.  Then only it struck him that he switched off his phone when he was to attend a meeting.  With guilty feeling he entered his wife’s room where she was sleeping.

     He felt very much for not taking care of her for long time.  He recollected the days that they spent together happily.  His son was sleeping in the next room.  When he was about to leave for his room, the servant requested him to have his dinner.  He replied that he did not want to have.  He felt after earning money for these many years, for whom he should live the rest of life.  He deeply thought that what did he derive in doing business and decided to take care of his wife.

    When he was about to lie down he could notice a person standing next to his cot.  When Raghu asked who he was, he replied that he is an angel of death and came here to take him out.  He got shocked and begged him saying that he had just decided to live for his family and leave him there.  But the angel did not agree.  Then Raghu requested the angel to give an hour atleast within which he would finish his duty.  As the angel did not accept even for that, he cried and got permission for five minutes to write a note.  Angel finally accepted for this. 

     So he started to write to Spend the time fruitfully without wasting even a minute, as he could not buy an hour in exchange of his whole wealth.  When he finished his writing he could hear servant knocking the door and he woke up and opened the door. He expressed his fear as the door was not opened after knocking for long time.  Raghu with a shock noticed a pen and note on his table.  Then he realised that it was a dream.      We have to spend time with family and nature and live happily.  That is the real success.

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