Two friends Babu and Prabhu were living in nearby houses.  Babu was a hardworking boy and used to score good marks as he would read in-depth on a day to day basis and Prabu was lazy but would get good marks by reading during exam time.  Babu had advised him to come for a group study but as Prabu was lazy he was not for it.  Their final exams got over and Babu discussed with him to spend their holidays fruitfully and finally, they decided to plant flower plants in their open ground as both of them had enough place outside their houses.  Prabhu told that he would plant more plants that would be more beautiful .then  Babu and Prabhu took this as a competition between them and decided that the number of plants that were there on the day of school reopening would be the deciding factor for the winner. As Babu was his good friend he wished for Prabu’s win and they started to work on it. Within 3 days Prabhu planted 25 plants and Babu was able to finish that after one week. Though both their plants grew well, the plants in Prabu’s garden were taller and started budding flowers early.  Prabhu felt proud of himself and was firm that he would win.  After one month, before a week of school reopening it rained heavily one day night.  Both were waiting to see their plants the next day morning.  But Prabhu got shocked after seeing all his plants lying on the ground and felt like crying.  The plants of Babu were standing straight bearing flowers.  Prabhu went crying to his friend asked him the reason for that much strength to his plants.  He said that he has dug deep while keeping the plants and poured enough water daily.  Prabhu replied that he did not dig that deep and just planted on the soil and poured more water once in three days as he felt lazy. This must be the reason for his plant’s weakness.  The route of the plant of Babu would have gone into depth in search of water whenever it needed, which would have strengthened them. As the  plants of Prabhu got more water than what they need, they did not get the chance to search for water by going into deep that would have strengthened them. Prabhu realized his mistakes and promised to work hard like Babu from that year in school as well as in a garden.

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