Bhojarajan was a good king.  A farmer wanted to get his help for his daughter’s marriage.  He took some rotis to have on the way, when he left his village.  He prayed God that the king should help him sufficiently so that the marriage can be performed well.  As he felt hungry, he opened his food packet thanking God for giving food.  A stray weak dog came and stood there.  He gave one roti.  The dog had it fast and waited for the second.  As the farmer felt pity for the dog he gave away all the rotis he had to the dog.  He thought that he would not die if he did not have food for one day. When the king donates at his level, he had to do this for his level.  He thought like that and reached dharma chathram where he had food.

     Then he went to the palace and met the king.  He explained the reason for his coming. The king asked him about the dharmas he had done so far.  Based on that he would give him the gold and told he had a scale to measure the dharma.  The farmer replied that if he had enough money to do dharma, he would not have come there for help and narrated how he helped the dog with the rotis he had.  The king said that the help he had done to the dog was big as he did it when he was in hunger.  Then he started to weigh the dharma with gold he had but the scale did not show equal though he kept more.  When the king was asking him who was he, dharma devathai came and told that it should not be weighed by a scale and told that the heart of the donor is the scale for that.  He gave all his rotis for the hungry dog and it could not be equal even if he gives away the entire gold he had, and advised the king to give the gold that is needed for the marriage of his daughter.  So the king sent him with the gold.

     The dharma we do will not be weighed by the quantity but by the time it is done. So timely help

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