A business man was walking along the shore.  There he saw a fisherman lying down by the side of a net singing a song.  The businessman asked him the reason for not going for fishing that day.  The fisherman replied as he had got lot of fishes  and sold for good price and taking rest.  The businessman told him if he does fishing that day also, he could get lots of money and he could be happy by getting so many things with that money.  The fisherman replied that he is already happy.    

     Is it right to accumulate the things? It may be needed by someone else.  We have to understand that happiness is not with the things we have.  It is with the mind.  It is not wrong to get things which Is important for the growth of our wealth.  But we have to decide where to stop to keep us happy every day.

  1. Good lesson for total life. Life is not only for earning. We have to enjoy with other things which are more enjoyable also money canot buy. Like spending time with loved ones.

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