Aadith had finished his graduation and seeking for a job for the last one year.  He was almost fed up with seeking a job and whatever his parents said was mistaken by him.  Though his mother kept quiet knowing his upset, his father   Mr.Somu continued his instructions viz. keeping things in that particular place, closing the tap properly, switching off fans and lights when not in use, not wasting food, etc.  Though Aadith being brought up like that followed all his father’s instructions from childhood when his father instructed the same when he was fed up with seeking a job, he started shouting at him. Though later he felt guilty he could not control his anger. 

     Once Aadith was selected for an interview in a leading manufacturing company.  When he was getting ready to attend the interview his father came to him and handed over his scooter key to him asked him to go in that and he would manage to go to his office by bus and advised to accept the result whatever be with a calm and cool mind.  Aadith did not respond to this and started to interview.  He reached the office building and the gate was closed.  There was no security.  He waited for some time outside and when the car of the Manager came he opened the gate for him.  He walked inside the building through a big lawn.  There he saw a water pipe meant for watering the plants was fallen on the footpath and water was getting wasted.  There was no gardener there. He could not control himself and rushed and closed the tap.  He entered the main building.  The hall was big and neat.  He felt happy and wished to get an offer there.  At the entrance, the doormat was upside down with the word WELCOME.  He corrected that. At one corner of the hall so many persons were sitting, He understood they all had come for an interview and was little upset but somehow managed to keep his mind positive. He noticed all the fans and lights were on, though people were sitting in one corner. So he could not control himself and rushed to switch off the lights and fans which were running waste.  All stared at him.  He bent his head and sat. Each one was called and his turn came last.  He could not understand anything from the faces of the persons who came out after attending the interview.  Though he was called last he entered the interview hall with a positive mind as per his father’s advice. As soon as he sat he was given a paper. He thought it was a question paper and opened that.  To his great surprise, it was his appointment letter.  He felt very happy and looked at the persons sitting in the interview panel.  One of them said that they have initially filtered the applicants with the academic record and just wanted to test their observation and habits so that they could judge their power to maintain and control staff and expenditure as the interview was for a manager post.  So they planned to waste the water, kept the doormat upside down, etc.  And it was Aadith who noticed and corrected on his own which admired them as he acted as if he was already working for that company.  Aadith felt very happy with great relief and accepted to join the next day.

     He could control his tears only till coming out from the interview hall and rushed home.  When he entered he could see his parents waiting anxiously.  He ran and hugged his father tightly with tears. His mother mistook that and tried to convince him stating that as he had good marks he will get a good job.  But Aadith told that he got this job, but not with the academic background but with the good habits taught by his father and narrated what all happened in the office.


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  1. Good habits will certainly help throughout one’s life. Even after getting job it will help in saving money and healthy life style etc. All the best.

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