In a telephone interview, the radio announcer asked his guest, a millionaire, “What made you happiest in life?”

The millionaire said

I have gone through four stages of happiness in life and finally I understood the meaning of true happiness. The first stage was to accumulate wealth and means. But at this stage I did not get the happiness I wanted. Then came the second stage of collecting valuables and items. But I realized that the effect of this thing is also temporary and the lustre of valuable things does not last long.

Then came the third stage of getting big projects. Like buying a football team, buying a tourist resort, etc. But even here I did not get the happiness I had imagined. The fourth time a friend of mine asked me to buy a wheelchair for some disabled children.

At a friend’s request, I immediately bought a wheelchair. But the friend insisted that I go with him and hand over the wheelchairs to the children. I got ready and went with it. There I gave those chairs to the children with my own hands. I saw the strange glow of happiness on the faces of those children. I saw them all sitting on chairs, moving around and having fun. It was as if they had arrived at a picnic spot.

But I felt real joy when I started to leave and one of the kids grabbed my leg. I gently tried to free my legs but the child stared at my face and held my legs tightly.

I bent down and asked the child: Do you need anything else?

The answer that this child gave me not only made me happy but also changed my life completely. That child said: “I want to remember your face so that when I meet you in heaven, I will be able to recognise you and thank you once again.

  1. Excellent thought process at a very young age. You have motivated many to realize what is true happiness. Keep telling such wonderful stories.

  2. Author Sanjay showed the path for real happiness in life. This kind of small step in the right direction will make big difference in needy people life. Hats of to you great. I pray god to give wings to your stories to make them fly and reach lakhs of people around the world. God bkess you.

  3. The name J patti stories itself is so lovely…..Thanks for sharing wonderful stories with us.

  4. Beautifully narrated story. Love the way author sanjay explained what is real happiness . Very much inspired. I wish the author’s stories inspire everyone. God bless him

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