Michelle is a 7-year-old girl.  One day as she felt bored her father Cohen took her to a nearby park.  As Cohen started in a hurry after his office work, he forgot to take his wallet.  On the way, he understood that and checked his shirt pocket, and felt relieved after seeing 5$ there.  They reached the park and Preethi enjoyed playing there for some time.  An apple vendor passed by.. Michelle wanted to have an apple.  So Cohen went and got 2 apples with the money he had. He washed that and handed over to Michelle.  She started to have one.  After some time Cohen wanted to check her sharing habit though he had full confidence on her.  So he asked Michelle to share that second apple with him.  She started to bite the second one as soon as he asked.  He got upset as his confidence on her went wrong and asked the reason for not sharing. But with the reply she gave, he could not control his tears coming out.  What do you think she said?. She wanted to give the best one to her father. So she tasted the second one.

We should never be judgemental.

One thought on “SHARING IS CARING”
  1. True sharing is really caring. We should learn to share our happiness, sarrow, weakness, work load also knowledge etc. This will really give great strength to us also others in overcoming good and bad times of life. Very nicely narrated story.

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