In a garden there were more monkeys which were helping the gardener by watering and cleaning the plants.  Once the gardener was getting ready to go out of town for some days. But he was feeling sad as to whom to appoint to water the plants.  The monkeys came forward to help him. But the monkeys were confused as to how much water to be given to each plant.  The gardener clarified that if the roots are lengthy that plants need more water and the plants with short root would need less water. The monkeys also nodded their heads having understood that. 

The gardener happily proceeded with his plan.  After 10 days he came back with lots of expectations that his garden would be full of flowers.  But he was shocked to see his garden with the plants uprooted and thrown.  He got angry and asked for the reasons.  For that the monkeys replied that they did what was instructed by him and to know the length of the root they uprooted the plants and watered them.

The monkeys were not knowing that if the plants are uprooted it would die.

So we have to hand over the work to the person who has the capacity to do it.

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