Sidney was a two tail sparrow.  Beautiful blue colour was there in its feather.  The neck was white and it wanted to fly high and go around as others.  It was born during winter and started to fly well succeeding summer and it grew and became a bold one.  It was able to fly and play.  One day its parents advised not to go anywhere as they have decided to migrate to the different place that evening.  Sidney said not to worry about it as it would not go far away.

   As usual all the sparrow came flying and sat on a telephone wire one by one.  It all felt happy about the trip. That time Sidney noticed a bird was flying from one smoke tunnel to the other. It was enjoying the rainbow colours emitted there.  Suddenly it started chasing that bird. But that bird flew away somewhere and Sydney searched here and there and went inside a smoke tunnel upside down.The entire body became black due to smoke.  It was not able to understand the route on which it was flying,, It searched for a place where light was there and finally it came out of the chimney which was different from the one through which it got in.  It had not come to that place so far and it could not locate and find its parents and friends.  It felt like crying.  A sparrow was flying nearby and it asked it whether it saw any two tailed sparrow nearby. 

When the sparrow asked for the reason, it replied that they had planned to go out of that place that day.  The sparrow mistook this as a crow and flew away. This got frightened as it thought if the parents would leave without Sydney as decided earlier.  It flew and sat next to an owl which was sitting and watching the moon. 

When the owl asked  which bird it was, it got confused as to whether at least their family would be able to identify.  Finally when it flew over a small hill, it was able to see the parents and friends waiting in the same place from where it started flying.  The mother was able to identify it though the wings were in black colour and all felt happy and started to travel.  At last Sydney realised the reason why they have decided to migrate in group and finally understood Unity is strength.

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