A man was working in a meat processing factory,  One day he entered the freezer room.  When he was checking something the door got locked automatically and he was caught inside.  He searched for his mobile phone so that he could call someone to help, he came to know that he had left it in his table.  He got fear and shouted loud for help.  But there was no use.  No one could hear his voice outside.  He was about to freeze as that room was so cold and he lost his energy even to shout. He felt that he would die If it continued for some more time.  As he was about to faint he could hear the sound of door opening.  The security guard entered the room and saved him.  He hugged the security and asked him how he came to know that he was in that room.  He replied that he was working in that factory for long time and no one had respected him as a human being.  Even if he wishes anyone they do not respond to that.  But this man had only responded his salutes both morning and evening.  So he liked that man very much.  That morning he had wished and in the evening he could not see this man as he was waiting and all had already left the office.  So he got doubt and searched him each and every place and got him in that room.

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