One day, one of the dogs got lost in the woods. Then the dog saw a lion wandering around hungry for a minute and thought our story was over by today.Then he saw the bone fragments lying there and came up with a wonderful plan. The lion sat back on the way and began to taste the bone fragments.

Tasting loudly, he said, “How delicious it is to kill and eat a lion, but the stomach is not full. If another lion is found, aha! The stomach will be full.”On hearing this, the lion ran away in fear, thinking, “Alas, this dog is killing and eating the lion!” A  monkey was watching all this from the top of the tree. It thought that if this dog, who had deceived the lion, was put to the lion’s cave, he would become its friend and live without fear for the rest of his life.

Immediately it went to the lion and told him about the trick the dog had done. The dog noticed it and realized that something was going wrong. When the lion heard what the monkey said, he became angry and ran towards the dog as he carried the monkey on his back, saying, “Now what am I doing with that dog? Get on my back.”

Now can you imagine what that dog would have done?

The dog saw the lion running towards him, and sat back as before,”It’s been an hour since this monkey was sent. Not even a single lion has been tricked into coming back,” she said aloud. Upon hearing this, the lion lifted the monkey, burned it, and ran away without even looking back.


One thought on “We can manage any situation if we are wise and intelligent”
  1. Wowwwwww very nicely narrated the stories 🙂 very good moral stories 🙂 Will use these stories for my grand son too 🙂

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