Once a poor farmer named Cheran was living in a village.  He was deeply thinking about how to come out of poverty and he came to know that there was a powerful saint in a forest doing yoga.  He went to the saint and bowed his head.  The saint asked what does he want?  He explained his poverty and requested him to bless so that he would lead a good life.  The saint advised him to go to a nearby banian tree and asked him dig a pitch and said that he would find a pot full of gold coins.  He asked him to take half of the coins and to keep the balance there, so that if some other person needs they could take that.

 Cheran accepted to this and went to the tree, digged and found a pot full of gold coins.  Thinking that the saint would not know how much he had taken, he took the entire pot.  He thought no one would be rich like him in that area and decided to build a house like a palace. But on the way some thieves attacked him and took away the pot from him.  Cheran went to the saint again and narrated what had happened.  The saint said that something struck him and that is why he had advised him to take only half of the gold coins and advised him to go and take the remaining gold coins.  He was speechless and felt guilty for his greediness.


One thought on “GOLDEN COIN POT”
  1. Greedy person lost everything. Even after advise of saint he was so greedy hence he lost everything.

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