Ram and Shyam were college friends. They had not seen each other for about 30 years.. When Ram saw Shyam again at a hotel lobby, he was looking simple. He wore simple Ankara attire.Ram felt touched. Shyam walked up to Ram and was glad to see him again. But Ram was not impressed with Shyam’s status compared to his . They exchanged contact details. Ram told him that he would drop him home in his brand new Range Rover and he pointed it to Shyam. He declined and said he had already called for his car. It looked old, a 2001 Honda Accord.

Ram invited him the next day for lunch at his house. Apart of impressing him Ram wanted to   show off his success and affluence to Shyam, while another was to discuss opportunities and possibly help him. Shyam drove to Parkview where Ram lived. He looked impressed with Ram’s home. Ram had taken a heavy mortgage. In fact Ram was heavily in debt. They had lunch. Shyam told Ram he was into small business and particularly real estate. Ram brought up more business discussions, but Shyam didn’t sound too interested. Ram asked him how he could help Shyam. He said he was fine. Ram even told him if Shyam was interested, he could help him secure some loans. Shyam looked at him and smiled. He told Ram he would invite him over soon to his place. His old car came for him. Ram was grateful to God for what he had.  “Fingers are not all equal”,  he thought to himself…he was lucky. He worked in a good place.

Two weeks later, Ram along with his wife went to see Shyam in Ikeja. She was reluctant to come with Ram because she was not impressed with the Shyam’s status as to warrant their visiting him in his house. Ram was able to convince her that they were close friends in college. We saw the Estate.  Wuraola Estate. We asked for directions to his home. Those leading us spoke Shyam’s name with deference. It was a simple but lovely home. A 4 bedroom bungalow. Ram saw 4 cars parked in front. They entered his home. It was simply elegant with a touch of class inside. Shyam welcomed them warmly. Lunch was well served. His wife called him Baba Wuraola

During lunch, he asked about Ram’s MD. Shyam said they were friends. Ram saw a company gift on one of his tables nearby. That company owned about 38% shares where Ram worked. He enquired from Shyam about it. He smiled and told Ram that he owned the company. He also owned the estate.

Ram did not know when he called him sir… He was in awe of Shyam too. Ram had learnt a lesson in humility – A big one. Appearances are deceptive. Shyam noticed Ram’s discomfort. Driving back home, Ram was very quiet. His wife was humbled and extremely calm. Ram could perceive the thoughts in her mind. Ram looked at himself. Living on loans, heavy loans and showing off while someone who pays his salary is quite modest and living a simple life!

Indeed Deeper Rivers Flow In Majestic Silence.

38.Definition of happiness:

James invited all of his friends and relatives to a party.  All of them attended without knowing the reason for the party.  All were dancing and enjoying the party.  One man came near to James and asked him the reason.  He told that his Mercedes Benz car met with an accident the day before and the car got destroyed fully. All heard this and got shocked.  They asked the reason for celebrating the accident of his car that too Mercedes Benz.

  He said 1.that the driver had escaped and  he did not loose even a little finger.  2.The car can be bought again but not his finger.  3.That car is just a toy 4. Some people do not even take out the plastic cover 5, whether it is costliest or cheapest car it is a toy.

So we should feel happy with what we have in life.

  1. Very nicely nerated story shows richness in language owns by the author. Great job, nice presentation. Well done.

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