Somu was a smart boy.  He was from a poor family with four siblings. So he could not continue his education after 10th standard.  His father was a sick person and mother was working hard to take care of everything for her family. So Somu continued to seek job to help her out.  After some time he got a job in a shoe retail shop as salesman.  He was given training for one week and was told that he should act smart to avoid any loss or theft in the shop. As he was a clever and smart boy he was able to manage all the situations and impressed the Manager.  At times the Manager was surprised by the way he handled the situations that he was not able to do and started trusting him fully.

     One day a business man came to the shop in a hurry.  He told Somu as he had one important meeting to attend to the next day and his shoes what he was wearing was torn off he had to select that day. Somu showed him the shoes patiently understanding his taste and the man selected one pair of costly shoes costing Rs.10000 which was a rare one and the man was so happy on getting the one for what he was wishing for long time.  Somu also felt very happy and asked him the mode of payment cash or card.  The man replied through card and put his hands in his packet to take out the purse but got shocked when realised that he did not bring his purse.  But he told that he had to take the shoes and gave his visiting card which showed him as a managing director of a big company and assured to pay the amount in a day or two.  Somu got confused as this was the first case he had to handle relating to non payment.  Though the customer seemed to be reliable they had to remit the money the next day to the main office which they have never failed so far.  So Somu met the Manager and explained him the situation.  The Manager thought for a while and instructed him to handle the situation on his own way as usual but told him that Somu had to bear the loss if any.

     Somu stood silently for 5 minutes and thought of a plan.  He came back and slowly packed the shoes and handed over to the business man.  He felt very happy and told that he would make the payment within two days .  He thanked Somu for his kindness and left the shop. The Manager did not take this as a serious one as he had that much confidence on Somu. As the shop time got over they locked and departed.

      The next day when the Manager came first to open the shop, he could see the business man waiting restlessly.  On opening the shop the man made the payment and requested to deliver the correct pair of shoes immediately.  When the Manager checked the shoes after receiving the payment he noticed that one of the shoe was 10 size and the other one was 8 size of the same colour. So he took the other shoe of size 10 and handed over the business man asking him adjust with the mistake that had happened,  But the businessman did not mind that and said with a broad mind that as he gave pressure the sales boy would have packed like this and requested him to pardon that boy.  The Manager smilingly accepted his request.  But he very well knew that this was the plan of Somu to get the money the next day morning itself so that they can remit the amount to the head office in time.


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  1. Presence of mind is most important to tackle the situations posts against us
    Sales boy handled well. Hats of to Mr. Sanjay for publishing these stories on the web.

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