Vandhana had cleaned her sari wardrobe one day which was pending for long time.  After long battle she identified 4 sarees to be discarded.  She decided to give away those sarees to her servant.  But when her servant came the next day, she was not in the mood to give.  She thought why today? Why not later?.  She postponed it like that.  Finally after 2 month she got the mood to give away the sarees to her servant.  The servant felt very happy and conveyed that all the colours of those sarees were of her favourite.  Vandhana also felt happy observing her reactions.

     The servant had finished her chores of that day and was ready to leave taking the bag of sarees given by Vandhana.  When she opened the outdoor gate to leave she could see a beggar lady with a torn cloth standing there. Vandhana instructed her servant to see the beggar off from her house. She did.  But the beggar lady  left with a great smile.  How and why? Did you guess? Yes you are right.  The servant gave away 2 sarees to the beggar without any postponement.  Vandhana got shocked and felt ashamed of her observing this.  Now tell. Who is rich?

One thought on “WHO IS RICH”
  1. Servant is rich in kindness acted immediately to the people who are in poverty also in immediate need of sarees. Great lessons to learnt never postpone the noble things.

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